The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife (TheKarambite)
Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife
The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife

The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife

The Max Venom Karambite Last Ditch Neck Knife

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  • Overall Length3.85 in.
  • Blade Length1.20 in.
  • Blade Thickness0.18 in.
  • Blade MaterialS35VN
  • Blade GrindChisel
  • Handle Length3.00 in.
  • Handle MaterialS35VN
  • Handle Thickness0.38 in.
  • Weight0.8 oz
  • SheathKydex
  • Color/FinishSatin
  • Edge TypeSingle Edged


The Max Venom Karambite by C Despins

The Karambite is a unique take on the last ditch neck knife concept featuring a formidable and functional S35VN steel blade. It's unique grip offers amazing versatility and retention for self defense and precision cutting whether in a concealed closed fist or open palm format. When held in an open palm, it is unobtrusive and allows you to grip another object such as a firearm simutaneously. This blade can be almost completely concealed in the hand with the exception of the protruding 1.2" long blade. The Karambite is built for a life time of rugged and reliable use. Kydex sheath included. The sheath MUST be attached to a lanyard or neck chain so that it may be effectively drawn from the sheath.


The Karambite was designed by C Despins, who is a practicing martial artist with experience in Tae kwon do, Judo, Muay Thai, Sayoc Kali and Russian Martial Art. This was inspired by first hand experience from a need to not only have a back up tool, but one that is is in use in the most crucial of times. C Despins holds international certifications in Close Protection and High Risk Zone Operations. He has worked internationally in the field of close protection and competitive intelligence.

Tom Kier on the Karambite:

“The Karambite is a unique and formidable "last ditch" knife with substantial unique application potential. It cannot be readily compared to its larger sized predecessors, or even the smallest of traditional Karambit style knives, a design the monopolizes the index finger (trigger finger) and is notoriously difficult to ditch should the necessity arise. The Karambite is optimum for the purpose of inflicting damage to the adversary via reflexive actions such as striking. In this case, the magnification of effect would be substantial.”


A Karambit knife is a curved, claw-like knife originally designed for agricultural and utility purposes. It is now widely used in various applications, including self-defense, martial arts, and outdoor activities due to its ergonomic design and versatility.

The legality of carrying a Karambit knife varies by location. It's essential to research and comply with local laws and regulations regarding knife possession and carry.

Yes. From the 11th century on, the karambit has proven itself to be a fully capable every day carry knife. Whether wielding a karambit for work, chores, household use, hunting, fishing, recreation, backcountry survival, self defense or for martial arts, a karambit knife is a practical choice for a safe, multi-use every day carry blade.

Choosing the right Karambit knife depends on your intended use. Consider factors like blade material, size, and handle design. Our product descriptions provide details to help you make an informed decision.

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