Karambit.com Karambit Tactical Knives Reaper T-shirt
Karambit.com Karambit Tactical Knives Reaper T-shirt
Karambit.com Karambit Tactical Knives Reaper T-shirt
Karambit.com Karambit Tactical Knives Reaper T-shirt

Karambit Tactical Knives Omega Reaper T-Shirt

Karambit Tactical Knives Omega Reaper T-Shirt

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The Karambit Tactical Knives Reaper T-shirt is the perfect accessory to make your statement loud and clear: Karambits are the baddest knives on the planet and there's a price to pay should you ever be on the wrong side of one. Our old friend, Mr. Grim Reaper has been upgraded with a rather appropriate set of new tools - dual wielded Coogler Kratos Karambits. This is a premium shirt featuring an all over print in fine detail and finished with a rather appropriate symbol, the Greek Omega (Ω). This symbol is the 24th and last letter of the Greek alphabet. The word literally means "great O" (ō mega, mega meaning 'great'), Omega (the last letter of the Greek alphabet) is often used to denote the last, the end, or the ultimate limit; How fitting.


We found the best printer offering the best quality t-shirts for ALL OVER PRINTING. This is the rarest and most difficult form of t-shirt printing using expensive machinery that prints places that others just can't (literally) such as on the neck, shoulders, seams and hems. This is the same t-shirt printing method used in high-end designer t-shirts brands that sell for double the price.


All-Over-Print-Shirts are 100% Polyester and achieve their look through a technique called Dye Sublimation. Artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto apparel using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas — known as sublimation — and bonds them to the polyester fibers. Unlike screen printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric for a fantastic soft-to-the-hand feel. Expect to have smudges, blurs and creasing near edges, seams and collars, as well as white areas underneath the armpits. When printing flat artwork onto a constructed garment, it’s impossible not to have some imperfections, particularly under the arm.

Care Instructions for Dye-Sublimated Apparel:
Machine wash inside-out with cold water and tumble dry on low heat or line dry. For best results use mild detergent and avoid the use of fabric softener and dryer sheets.


Material: 100% Spun Polyester
Short Sleeve
Collar: Ribbed Taped Neck Collar
Durability: Reinforced Hems
Fabric Weight: 5.9oz.
Sizing: We only have extra small and large while supplies last
Gender: Unisex