Knife sharpening Service
Knife sharpening Service
Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

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Professional Knife Sharpening

We offer Professional knife sharpening services by our expert knifemakers for any type of knife (including karambits, naturally) which will be returned to you sharper than new. Prices for sharpening (10" and under) starts at $50 USD and may increase from there for multi-edge, double edge, long blades, or otherwise difficult edges.

Please read the following carefully to begin:

Step 1. Submit Photos:
Contact us to request to submit your photos of the item(s) you wish to have sharpened. In your reply, please include what it is regularly used for (cutting open boxes, vegetation, etc)

Step 2. Payment:
An invoice will be emailed to you with a summary of your request including return shipping charges and any insurance if necessary.

Step 3. Shipping:
When the invoice has been paid, send your item off to the address you've been given our sheath making facility. Please make sure that you pay for tracking and any required insurance to and from the destination. We are not responsible for any items lost in the mail. When sending a knife, make sure its in the original sheath or the blade is in the closed and locked position.

Step 4. Wait time:
Allow 2 weeks for the work to be completed, and we will email you a tracking number once it is shipped back out to you, hair popping sharp.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!