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Karambit WW VA
Karambit WW VA
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Karambit WW VA

Karambit WW VA

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Karambit Warrior Weekend sponsored by XMA XCAL Loudoun

Date: TBD

Location: XCAL Loundon, 44950 Russell Branch Pkwy Ashburn, VA 20147

Karambit Warrior Weekend is an action packed two day event to learn from highly skilled and accomplished instructors in the areas of pistol shooting tactics, hand-to-hand defense and knife fighting tactics. All are welcome, from beginners to intermediate skill level. Limited tickets available so book your spot now.

Course Topics/Training

  • Pistol Handling
  • Holstering & Clearing
  • Obstacle Course
  • Static Range Drills
  • Dynamic Range Drills
  • Types of blade styles, Pros and Cons.
  • Triangle Footwork
  • Body Waving and Angling
  • Methods of carry and deployment
  • Incapacitation Factors: Neutralizing a Threat.
  • Weapon Manipulations
  • Flow Drills (medium to close drills)
  • Long Range (Dueling distance)
  • Stalemate Positions
  • Knife & Firearm Transitions
  • Situation Awareness
  • Fight, flight, or freeze responses
  • Exposure therapy
  • 5 point combat stances
  • Strike Zones
  • Escaping front and rear choke holds
  • Taser vs mace & pepper spray

Things to Bring and Wear:

  • Confirmation email.
  • Pistols will be available for rent and ammo will be available for purchase. You can bring your own if you'd like.
  • Trainers, airsoft guns, and goggles will be provided. You can bring your own if you'd like.
  • Wear sneakers, long sleeve shirts and pants.
  • Food is available for purchase on site.

Meet Our Instructors

Phillip Koontz


Phillip Koontz, a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran, has taught self defense for the last 12 years. He specializes in hand to hand, knife and pistol tactics. He is the previous owner of Tactical Advantage Consulting, a live fire stress course designed to mentally and physically challenge every level of shooter.

Phillip led and instructed hundreds of day and night live fire dynamic ranges to dozens of SEAL operators. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, he maintained convoy and assault team security which contributed to mission success and resulted in dozens of captures. Phillip was the lead Breacher in real world operations including ship board search and seizure teams off the West coast of Africa, and direct action missions while serving under joint task force in Baghdad, Iraq.

Ajarn Buck


Ajarn Buck Grant is a former professional mixed martial artist, a Master Instructor of Muay Thai, BJJ Black Belt and Combatives Instructor for The Department of Defense. He has nearly 3 decades of experience as both a fight coach and strength and conditioning coach for professional combat sports athletes at the UFC, WEC and Bellator level. He has trained UFC legends such as: Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir and Joseph Bienevidez.

He has now dedicated himself to teaching self-realization through mastery of the body. His light-hearted, inspirational approach to cultivating the mind, body and spirit through physical discipline has earned him the audience of inspired men, women and children throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.


XCAL Ashburn is a revolutionary shooting sports and fitness venue. Their two-story, 95,000-square-foot facility features three distinctive indoor shooting ranges, functional fitness spaces, mixed martial arts, and group athletics in both indoor and outdoor spaces.


We recommend staying at one of the following hotels just a short drive away from XCAL.

Tru by Hilton Ashburn One Loudoun

44732 Endicott Drive

Ashburn, VA, 20147

SpringHill Suites by Marriott

20065 Lakeview Center Plaza

Ashburn, VA, 20147

Additional Info:

  • Event start time, 9am EST
  • Event end time is approximately 4pm EST
  • Contact info@karambit.com with any questions

Refund Policy

We offer a full refund 14 days prior to the event date

If you can no longer attend your event, the following options are available to ensure you can still use the value of your ticket:

  1. Transfer your registration to a future Karambit Warrior Weekend event equal to the same ticket value.

  2. Transfer your registration to a new participant, either for the same event or a new event in 2023.


A Karambit knife is a curved, claw-like knife originally designed for agricultural and utility purposes. It is now widely used in various applications, including self-defense, martial arts, and outdoor activities due to its ergonomic design and versatility.

The legality of carrying a Karambit knife varies by location. It's essential to research and comply with local laws and regulations regarding knife possession and carry.

Yes. From the 11th century on, the karambit has proven itself to be a fully capable every day carry knife. Whether wielding a karambit for work, chores, household use, hunting, fishing, recreation, backcountry survival, self defense or for martial arts, a karambit knife is a practical choice for a safe, multi-use every day carry blade.

Choosing the right Karambit knife depends on your intended use. Consider factors like blade material, size, and handle design. Our product descriptions provide details to help you make an informed decision.

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