Angel Fire Fu Dog Karambit (AngelfireFuDogKbit)
Angel Fire Fu Dog Karambit (AngelfireFuDogKbit)
Angel Fire Fu Dog Karambit (AngelfireFuDogKbit)
Angel Fire Mini Fu Dog Karambit
Angel Fire Mini Fu Dog Karambit

Angel Fire Mini Fu Dog Karambit

Angel Fire Mini Fu Dog Karambit

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  • Overall Length7.25 in.
  • Blade Length3.00 in.
  • Blade Thickness0.18 in.
  • Blade MaterialAEB-L
  • Blade GrindPlain
  • Blade FinishBlack
  • Edge TypeDouble Edged
  • Handle Length4.25 in.
  • Handle MaterialCarbon Fiber
  • Handle Thickness0.35 in.
  • Handle ColorBlack
  • Weight5.70 oz
  • SheathKydex
  • AttachmentTek-lok
  • AvailabilityMade to Order
  • Lead Time3 months


Fu Dog / Foo Dog (Noun, Chinese) - alternate name for statues of Chinese guardian lions, which traditional signify protection

The Angel Fire Fu Dog Karambit speaks to ancient traditions of guardians, of protection, of fearlessness. In both ancient and modern China, wherever a Fu Dog appears, good energy rests, since the statue's entire job involves repelling the negative and preventing harm from befalling those in the vicinity. This hooked knife mirrors traditional Indonesian karambits with a classic design meant for hooking, tearing, and slicing. The tightly angled curve and sharper bend of the Fu Dog karambit's blade provides deeper penetration and more efficient use.

Like all Angel Fire karambits, the Fu Dog karambit is minimalistic in design, yet ergonomically and functionally solid. Made of tool steel, the Fu Dog will sharpen easily and well, all while taking a beating during hard work and tasks. The paracord wrapped handle provides excellent grip in all environments and is easily replaced in the field. Not to mention, having a bit of extra paracord around makes any situation automatically more survivable! All jokes aside, when you need a little extra protection on your side, give the Fu Dog karambit some consideration. It works hard, works well, and when shit hits the fan, is designed to protect you from harm.