Can We Add Professional Knife Sharpening Services To Your Order Today? (KnifeSharpeningPromo)
Knife sharpening Service
Add Professional Knife Sharpening Services To Your Order?

Add Professional Knife Sharpening Services To Your Order?

Add Professional Knife Sharpening Services To Your Order?

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With this order we want to offer you professional sharpening services at a discounted rate.

  • If your knife is double edged, both sides will be sharpened.
  • Get it sharpened with your order and skip the shipping cost to and from us
  • Save even more by subscribing to 2 sharpening's a year.
  • Sharpening Services usually takes about 1-2 weeks.
  • Once your knife is sharpened, we will not be able to refund or exchange your item.


1. "Yes, get my knife professionally sharpened at a discounted rate (+$45)"

  • After this order, we will send your knife to the professional sharpener free of shipping charge and have your brand new knife even more sharp. This is the only time you'll be able to save on shipping and cost of this service.
  • Regular price $40 plus shipping both ways.
  • *If the knife is a double edged, we will only sharpen the "inside" edge, if you want both, please contact us.
  • **We will not make a folding knife a double edged blade since it's not a good idea and very unsafe.
  • ***Good for one knife only including in sets, please specify which knife you'd like to sharpen. If you have more than one knife you'd like to sharpen in the cart, please adjust the quantity.

2. "Yes, I'd like my knife sharpened and I'd like to subscribe to 1 more sharpening this year. (+$90)"

  • After this order, we will send your knife to the sharpener professional free of shipping charge and send it to you even sharper than it was brand new. When you're ready to sharpen it again within a year, we'll pay for shipping to have it get to us and then back to you again. Please just send us an email whenever you're ready for the next sharpening service.
  • Regular price $100 plus shipping both ways.

3. "No Thanks."

  • No, I wouldn't want to take advantage of your professional sharpening knife services.


A Karambit knife is a curved, claw-like knife originally designed for agricultural and utility purposes. It is now widely used in various applications, including self-defense, martial arts, and outdoor activities due to its ergonomic design and versatility.

The legality of carrying a Karambit knife varies by location. It's essential to research and comply with local laws and regulations regarding knife possession and carry.

Yes. From the 11th century on, the karambit has proven itself to be a fully capable every day carry knife. Whether wielding a karambit for work, chores, household use, hunting, fishing, recreation, backcountry survival, self defense or for martial arts, a karambit knife is a practical choice for a safe, multi-use every day carry blade.

Choosing the right Karambit knife depends on your intended use. Consider factors like blade material, size, and handle design. Our product descriptions provide details to help you make an informed decision.

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Yes, we offer customization and engraving services. You can add the desired options to your cart and then specify the type of engraving you want during the checkout process. Please click [product link] to get started.